Import Entourage into Outlook for Mac and Win Easy Way!

import entourage to outlook

Mail Passport Pro is one tool that supports all sorts of conversions for Apple supported email formats. Entourage, for instance, is a format that has been discontinued and thereby converting it always poses a great challenge for the users. However, this tool makes it easy on the users with its refined technology to import Entourage into Outlook Mac & Windows.

import entourage into outlook

Import Entourage Into Outlook

Gladwev Software’s major aim behind creating this tool has been to serve the Apple mail users. This tool can handle Apple mail, Thunderbird, Mac Outlook, Postbox, MBOX, and EML to PST or Outlook conversions. Other than being an all rounder converter tool, there are several other perks of using this tool to import Entourage into Outlook Mac & Windows. The five major ones have been enlisted hereunder:


With a well-known company behind its origin, this tool found a place in the hearts of the users at the onset itself. And with its consistent performance since then, the tool has gone on to rapidly capture huge numbers in the form of loyal customers. The users can completely rely on Mail Passport Pro even with their confidential mails as it is entirely fool-proof and poses no harm, whatsoever, to the data.


In this fast paced epoch, no one has the time to spare hours for a single job. Everyone demands speed and this tool delivers that right on point. The users can import Entourage into Outlook Mac & Windows with precision within a few minutes time. It is swift and stunning all at the same instance. That is to say, this tool can be used to create perfect copies of the database as the speed does not play with the integrity of the files.


The user interface is quite simple to understand and thereby even a beginner feels at home while using this tool to import Entourage into Outlook Mac & Windows. Given the simplicity with which the instructions have been laid out on the façade of this tool, it becomes more of a preference than a choice for the users.

Additionally, the team provides a constant support in the form of 24*7 customer service.


Mail Passport Pro is one tool that doesn’t stop until it has satiated the desire of the user to create the mirror-images of their data. With elements ranging from contacts to non-English content, this tool covers it all. It essentially picks up every single speck of data and converts it in the desired format perfectly.


Try &

To top it all, the tool comes with a free trial version which can be availed by all users alike. This version is designed to help the users experiment with all the features before they actually invest their hard-earned money into this tool. Feel free to download the copy of Mail Passport Pro’s free trial demo version so as to import Entourage into Outlook Mac & Windows flawlessly!

Get it today to import Entourage, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Outlook, EML, MBOX to Office 365 / MS Outlook.

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