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Migrate Apple mail to Outlook 2019 with Mail Extractor Pro-FAQs for the best Apple mail to Outlook 2019 conversion tool

Are you looking forward to converting your Apple mail to Outlook 2019?

Then do not proceed without giving a thorough look to this list of FAQs as this question-answer list will take you a step further in getting the perfect conversions using the services of an outstanding Apple mail to Outlook 2019 converterMail Extractor Pro.

apple mail to outlook 2019

Q. What contents of the email get converted when we migrate Apple mail to Outlook 2019?

A. Though we don’t put much focus onto what an email comprises of, yet there are millions of tiny details on each and every mail stored in our systems. If you observe closely, you will start noticing these tiny little things that contribute to different aspects of the mail on the whole.

To begin with, the apparent details are attachments, to and from data, the folders these mails are maintained in, etc. But if you dig deeper, you would notice details such as timestamps, read-unread status, signature structures, starred messages, etc. All these details, big or small, form the foundation of the emails.

When we migrate Apple mail to Outlook 2019 these details must form the part of the converted files as well. This becomes possible only when we make use of experts in the field. Mail Extractor Pro is an exemplary tool that takes over this conversion process by storm and ensures the inclusion of each and every element in the final converted files. The files are such perfect copies of the original files that one cannot tell the difference with naked eye.

Q. How can I download the files into Outlook 2019?

A. The emails converted using this Apple mail to Outlook 2019 converter can be directly imported into Outlook. All you need to do is complete the simple conversion process of Mail Extractor Pro the overview of which is given hereunder:

  1. Launch the tool
  2. Load the files
  3. Set the PST file size
  4. Choose the final location
  5. and click on “Convert”.

Once the above mentioned process is completed, you can start using these files in Outlook.

migrate apple mail to outlook 2019

Q. Do I need to extract my files anywhere?

A. It entirely depends on your preferences. If you wish to make the most of this Apple mail to Outlook 2019 converter, then choosing the auto-load option is recommended. Using this option, your involvement will be minimized as this converter will directly pick the files from the default directories. If however you choose to proceed using the manual load option, then you would first need to extract the files at a particular location and then proceed using the manual load option.

apple mail to outlook 2019 converter

Q. Can this tool convert MBOX files to Outlook?

A. Yes it can. Mail Extractor Pro brings to you an option of using just one tool to cater to your multiple conversion needs. This mbox converter to pst tool is capable of converting Apple mail, Mac mail, Thunderbird, MBOX, and Postbox to Outlook. Using this tool alone, you will be able to create perfectly converted files that will be usable in Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook alike.

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