Don’t know how to Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST, Here is the answer

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If you are still not able to figure out how to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST then definitely this article is for you. Exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST is not a very difficult task provided that you use the correct tool to get the conversion done.

You can be misled by the circus of tools available on the internet. It can really get confusing to understand which tool is the best for you. But we are here to answer your questions and to let you know the best tool that you can use to export Thunderbird to Outlook.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST using a pro tool

After doing the R & D on different kind of tools available in the market and by reviewing them closely, the tool that I found appropriate for the users for exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool can come really handy for professionals as well as individuals because of the features that they possess and also because of the smart algorithm that they have put up in this tool.

export thunderbird to outlook pst

Some of the amazing features that this tool which can help you in exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST has are as follows

Multiple Upload option

This tool offers you with two options of uploading your MBOX files. You can either upload a single MBOX file or if you like you can also upload multiple MBOX files. It does not matter to the tool if you are uploading a single or multiple MBOX files. It will process all the files at the very same time rather than processing them in a queue like other tools in the market do.

Ignore Empty Folders

The smart algorithm written by the developers at USL software, have come up with the option of ignoring empty folders. If you click on ignore empty folders it will simply not include the folders that are empty in the process of conversion. This will help you in cut shorting the size of your output PST file as well as the process of conversion which takes less amount of time.

Limiting output PST file size

When you wish to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST it is important that the size of the output PST file is small. If you get a single large output PST file it will be difficult for you to get it uploaded on the outlook. Hence if you can limit the output PST file size it would get easier for you to upload the same on Outlook. This is one feature that is not available in all of the tools. And the tools which possess this feature are really expensive.

Free Trial to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Apart from all the features stated above, there is yet another feature which you can use that is directly extracting data from your Thunderbird. When you are to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST it is not necessary that you need to have a MBOX file. You can directly run the tool and extract the data from your Thunderbird to be converted into PST file format.

export thunderbird to outlook

You can now even test this tool for free.

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