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Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 Could Have Been a Disaster Had I Not Found This Surprisingly Good Solution!

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2013

I have two computers that I use for work and personal use. One is a Mac system and the another one is Windows. On Mac, I have Thunderbird installed as an email client. Most of my emailing needs were through Mac computer and over the years I have accumulated a lot of data (thousand of emails) on the database of Thunderbird.

So, when I decided to move to Windows for my emailing needs, which had Outlook 2013 installed as an email client, I wasn’t sure how I can get the data transferred.

Please note that not all my emails were in the servers of my email account. I receive close to hundred emails in a day and most of them are important. A large part of the database was locally stored in Mac inside Thunderbird profile database folder.

And I also couldn’t scrape any part of my database during this switching of email client. But the amount of emails in Thunderbird were so intimidating that I had no idea how to get all of them in Outlook 2013.

There are many ways to go about such data migration projects. If you are in the similar situation, you probably know about a lot of ways to get started on this. One of the most common ways that is recommended on the web is to use an intermediary email account that can be used to sync data across both email clients using its IMAP based servers.

I tried that too and failed. Firstly, it takes massive amount of precious time and secondly, it’s not even accurate. I ended up missing a lot of my data components.

Best Way to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2013

Fortunately, just as I was about to lose hope, I found out about “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Thunderbird to Outlook 2013

Having tried many other different third-party converters, I wasn’t having high hopes. But I thought if it could work at least to some degree, I would be contented.

But I was very much surprised by the whole efficiency of this software application from USL Software. It wasn’t just its user-friendly interface, 24 x 7 customer support, and all other generic features a good software has. But it’s the underlying approach that impressed me.

So, basically, the tool doesn’t need any raw Thunderbird files. I didn’t have to look for anything in my Thunderbird database, which is what many converting tools ask for. “Mail Extractor Pro” automatically picked up the source that is Thunderbird native folder and started converting data right away.

It was really refreshing to have stumbled upon such a simplistic way of converting data after all those frustrations and sloppy methods that I tried before.

convert thunderbird to outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” is built by the experienced team of developers that have been producing excellent solutions for other email migration tasks. This time around, they have got the similar impressive and professional help for users to convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2013.

NOTE that this tool converts Thunderbird data directly from the source to PST files. And PST is a native data file for Windows Outlook but it can also be used in Mac Outlook. I had to use those PST files in Outlook 2013, but you can use PST files in almost all Outlook versions, including Mac Outlook versions.

Also, the tool can convert other formats like MBOX, Apple Mail, and Postbox to PST files.

Try it to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2013

I highly recommend you try it out. To get started you can check out the demo of “Mail Extractor Pro” that works for ten items per folder to give you an idea of its interface, all the other features it has to offer, and the basic functioning of the tool in real time.

Based on my experience, it’s much likely that you will quickly get the licensed full copy of the tool after you are clearly satisfied with the trial copy.

Thunderbird to Outlook 2013 Converter


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