OST to PST converter – Recover your data from OST files

OST to PST converter

OST to PST Converter

You must know that you cannot recover OST files directly. If not, let me tell you that you cannot import your OST files to the outlook directly. It will give you errors saying that the file cannot be uploaded. The OST file format is not compatible with the online servers. It only works offline. So what’s the solution? The only solution is to convert the OST files to the PST format. It can be done quickly by using ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

How data is recovered from the PST files?

The PST file format is supported by many email clients. This is the reason OST files are converted to PST format in order to export the data to outlook or any other server and thereafter recovering everything on the file. Everything gets really easy once the files are converted in the PST format.

How to convert the OST files to the PST format?

Well there are many options to convert the OST files to PST. Manual conversion, online converters and third party conversion tool are some of the ways you can convert your OST files to other formats. But the question comes here is- which is the most secure way to convert your files?

Manual conversion or using the online converters is not advisable because of the performance issue and security reason. Most preferable option is third party tool or desktop conversion tools.

OST to PST Converter tool- ‘OST Extractor Pro’

The best third party tool or the desktop converter is – ‘OST Extractor Pro’. It is best conversion tool in the market and most trusted among the users. OST Extractor Pro converts the OST files into PST format and also to other formats like EML, Apple Mail etc. It also recovers everything on the file like emails, calendars, journals, notes, images etc.

It is available for windows and Mac.

OST to PST converter

The tool is highly secure and takes full care of your data. It makes sure that nothing is lost during the process. You can use the tool for recovering any kind of OST file including the corrupted and damaged files.

OST Extractor Pro provides accurate result.

The data is examined in such a way that no item in the file is left unattended. You will get the recovered file with no modification made on your data. Mostly tools fail to do so. In order to provide accuracy, online converters modify the data which is not accepted by the users.

100% accuracy is maintained.

Other remarkable features:

24*7 helpdesk available.

Very simple and interactive GUI.

Accepts everything on the file.

Supports other output formats like EML, Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird.

Recovers data from encrypted OST files.

Money back guarantee if user is not satisfied with the performance of the tool.

Start working with the OST to PST Converter tool:

Download the software now. Click on the link below. Recover your files in few minutes with the help of OST Extractor Pro.

Try now at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

You can try the ost to pst converter trial version as well.

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