The Ideal Choice to Convert MBOX to PST for Mac

convert mbox to pst

Convert MBOX to PST in Mac

There are more than a few ways to move your data in MBOX files to PST. Some of them do not involve any third-party application and are done through manual steps. Some do involve a third-party support of some kind, such as a file converter.

But the large portion of these available tools and manual techniques do a terrible to keep your data integrity shielded. They lack the adequate programming and scripts to ensure that the data is restructured correctly across the two highly contradicting file formats.

PST and MBOX have no shared data-structures and data-tables, making it a convoluted process to get the contents moved across them.

In that context, we are bringing to you the ideal choice to get this done, and to get this done right. This tool recommended in the post below is not merely a decent file converter, but a full software solution with all the necessary options to convert MBOX to PST with precision.

Published by a leading company in email migration solutions called USL Software. They ensured that the tool doesn’t suffer from the same fate of incorrect algorithms, weak data-processing script, and an unresponsive interface.

Convert MBOX to PST for Mac

This MBOX to PST for Mac conversion tool is called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

convert mbox to pst for mac

The tool’s forte lies in its exclusive support for all sorts of complex and trickier data components that are not converted with full accuracy by generic file converters.

Emails in this modern age of advanced communication involves hard data components that aren’t as simple to process as simple text. Even the text invovled in email files can be complex to restructure right for a different format than text in any other files. For example, text used in the email headers that are non-ASCII based are terrible for a generic form of data conversion utilities.

To put it shortly, “Mail Extractor Pro” supports conversion of everything that can be stored inside MBOX files to PST files. The type that matters most is that it converts emails formatted using MIME standard.

MIME is an internet standard that allows users to format the emails with a lot of informational content, extending the email functionality from text to more sophisticated form of data sharing.

MIME standard supports components like characters that are encoded using UTF-8, DBCS, Unicode, etc., not just ASCII. It also includes complex file attachments, and not just those which are simple word and text documents, such as: audio, video, images, applications, and even other data files used with various applications. And also, header information (to, from, cc, bcc, subject, etc.), especially that are using non-English text characters (non-ASCII character sets).

convert mbox to pst

Such complexity based on MIME standard makes it a demanding job for generic tools to extract information from MBOX and rebuild all that to be fit into a completely dissimilar PST file.

And this is where “Mail Extractor Pro” shines. You will never notice a single items missing or not converted with accuracy that you expect. There will be no compromise to the fidelity of your email and to whatever information is attached to them.

Download to Convert MBOX to PST in Mac

Moreover, the tool is also easy to use, thanks to the basic UI, without compromising any options or functionality. It also leads in terms of changing the output files according to your needs (like splitting large PST files).

If you want to know more about and actually experience all of it yourself, head to the official page and get the free setup file to check it out all in a trial mode.

Get it here:

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Mail Extractor Pro is th best app to convert mbox to pst in Mac.

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